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Fred Meyer: Clearance Spiral Ham, $0.88/lb

In my Best Ham Prices post published last month, I mentioned that one of the best times of the year to buy ham is immediately following Easter. (This is also true right after Christmas/New Year’s.) A lot of people only think to buy a big, fancy ham during the holidays so stores will carry more during those times of the year. And inevitably, they’ll have extra stock they’ll try to move.

Earlier this week, I found Spiral Sliced Ham (both honey glazed and brown sugar) for $0.88 per pound. Last month, these same hams were selling for $1.27 per pound (which, by the way, was still an excellent price!), so that’s a discount of over 30%. In case you’re wondering, yes, I absolutely bought one for my family this week!

I was at my QFC store this morning and did not find a similar discount, though they still had a number of spiral sliced hams in their meat case. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear if there are other discounts happening at your grocery stores! Let me know what you’re finding.

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