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Amazon Daily Deal: 50% off First Coding for Kids Subscription Box

As one of its daily deals for today (Friday, May 17th), Amazon is offering your first Bitsbox Coding for Kids Subscription Box at 50% off with free shipping! Pay $14.98 for the first month (the subscription will automatically renew at $29.95, unless you cancel). This is a different kind of an offer for a daily deal, so let me give you a bit more information on how it works.

Each month, your child’s Bitsbox will arrive with special coding projects geared for kids ages 6 – 12. The projects may include video games, greeting cards, simulations, and more. The projects work on a free app. No previous experience is needed, and each box comes with a Grownup Guide to help your child along (if needed), plus unlimited email support from the company.

These coding boxes are highly rated by customers! I read through many comments praising the quality, educational value, and customer service from the company. Here’s what a few folks had to say:

Our son just received his first installment of Bitsbox, and got started right away. He was thrilled that he could see immediately whether his coding was working or not. As well, the program gives feedback every time he tries to run a script– if there’s a mistake, it lets him know the approximate line that has the mistake. It will really help our son slow down to make sure details are exact– a great skill for test taking in the classroom.

My kid loved it. At 6 she was learning to code, familiarizing herself with a keyboard rather than a screen, and making modifications to the code like a pro. Bitsbox made it easy for her to see each step and the changes it made right away. I even understood it and I’m a newbie at this. This was a great value for all the games and codes inside.

My daughter has been doing Bitsbox for several years and loves it! After using the product for a while, she used her creativity to make her own apps In the program. Her typing speed and proficiency have really improved, which has translated to school work when they have had reports to write. Bitsbox gives kids creative screentime without compromising their important time off screen.

In order to get the first box at half off, you will need to subscribe today (Friday, May 17th). Head to Amazon to learn more.

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