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FREE Summer Math Challenge for Kids Grades 1-8!

quantiles free summer math challenge

Quantiles.com has a FREE Summer Math Challenge that starts Monday, June 17th! It’s tailored for kids who have just finished grades 1 through 8. Here’s how it works:

  • Register your child(ren) for the Summer Math Challenge.
  • Starting Monday, June 17th you’ll receive daily emails with that day’s activities. Activities will vary by day but will give you specific instructions for each child as well as accompanying resources, including printable practice pages, online interactive activities, and videos.
  • Also visit the website daily to read about that week’s math concept and earn badges.
  • When the program ends on July 26th, print an award certificate and celebrate!


We’ve used this program for the past couple years and I like that it encourages parents – no matter their math ability – to help their child make real-world math connections throughout the day.

You can also come up with your own incentives for using this program – maybe a special field trip once each week’s activities are completed, and a bigger prize when the whole thing is done. Or you can just have your kids do it for the fun of it! (Hey, some people – my son included – think math is fun.)

Interested in Other Summer Enrichment?

I found several summer workbooks on Amazon that might be a fit for you and your family:

The Summer Fit Activities workbooks ($9.71+ on Amazon) combine academics with physical and social development activities to prepare for the next grade.

Summer Bridge Activities

Summer Bridge Activities workbooks ($9+ on Amazon) are aligned to Common Core standards and keep summer learning going in only 15 minutes a day. Summer Bridge Explorations ($12.50+ on Amazon) are similar, but more project-based.

Or check out the Summer Brain Quest workbooks ($8.50+ on Amazon) with skill-building challenges in a variety of subjects as well as an adventure map with stickers. We’re trying this series this summer!

Are you into summer enrichment activities for your kiddos? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


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