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Tacoma Residents: Apply for FREE Trees for your Property

Did you know that Tacoma has a goal of increasing their green canopy by 30% by 2030? As part of this initiative, they are offering residents FREE trees. There are a few steps to verify your eligibility and apply for this program, but I trust this information may be able to help some folks out!

Here’s what I was able to find out:

  • You will need to submit an online application by August 13th (for individuals) or September 6th (for groups). 
  • In September, the City will review all applications and send confirmations to eligible applicants.
  • In October, you will be able to pick up your tree(s) at the City of Tacoma nursery to be planted in their right-of-way. Delivery may be available for select eligible groups.
  • Planting assistance may be available on a limited basis.

There are some limitations about who’s eligible and where the trees can be planted. Preference will be given to underserved neighborhoods, neighborhood planting groups, and those who plant large shade trees. There will be a number of tree species available, but they can’t guarantee you will get your first choice of tree. There are a number of beautiful trees to be gifted including pine varieties, cedar, serviceberry, oak, magnolia, crabapple, Cyprus, and spruce.

If you have questions about this program, please see the Grit City Trees website. You can also call (253) 845-9770 Ext. 109 or email [email protected]. There is also a lot of detailed information on the application form itself, including a list of tree species that will be offered as part of this program.

Please help spread the word about this program!

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